Social media is a medium for voice amplification. The other medium is podcasting, blog, and meetups. Everyone has an opinion and they want to spread it. It is like a single source of truth, be my follower. This noise amplification channel is a signaling platform. The saints of the church spread new phenomenon every now […]


I was reading Seneca’s: on the shortness of Life. It made me realize what most of us are doing with our life. The allocated time of our life is not short but the petty things which we have prioritized make it look short. The time of our life we spend on fighting, running after money […]


I understand capitalism means slogging our ass. But when it comes to creativity, it requires a clear head and calm state of mind. Can laziness make you creative? A life without daily todo or productivity hacks? I could use signaling and share quotes of successful folks who were misfits and lead life on their rules. […]