Random Thoughts: On Religion

Right after birth, society mask comes to you in various forms : name race religion caste sub-caste middle class, upper class or poor I will focus on Religion on this post. I have friends who never miss going to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday for prayers, also some who visits mosque on Friday along with others […]

Random Thoughts: Why are we scared of losing?

Human mind is a monkey mind  as Naval says. We are constantly worried about our future and  work hard towards making it better.  At times we get so busy in it that we forget about living in this very beautiful moment, the present which is constantly passing. At the same time we start overthinking and […]

Random Thoughts: On rejection

It was quoted somewhere that “humans are social animal”. We live in this society constructed around us. We live happily in our tribe divided on basis of boundaries, color, race, economies Et All. While growing up in this society construct we gave rise to  competition in all the domains from education, services to wealth. Even […]