Random Thoughts: On Learn to Unlearn

Growing up in a society has its own perk. You are fed with certain kind of ideas, ideologies, prejudice[passed on generation after generation] What you should totally do is learn to unlearn : Bias fed by parents, society or religion. Past failures which would be stopping you for next risk taking adventure. Running for a […]

Random Thoughts: On competing with self

We are living in a competitive environment.  From time of birth to our death we are competing. We are competing over materialistic things: Grades in your degrees Salary you are drawing. Girl/Guy you got married to. How well off you are in your life with all the possession, vacation and life long luxury . $$ […]

Random Thoughts: Dealing with toxic people

We are all different, each one of us think and behave differently. We have our own opinion, prejudice and priorities.  It is not necessary that we have to buy into everyone’s belief and follow it. But at many instances you would have seen a special kind of people: Who are just negative and everything they […]

Random Thoughts: What makes us Unhappy?

Few weeks back, I asked a simple question on Twitter: What is cause of unhappiness? 🤔 — Atul Jha (@koolhead17) February 11, 2017 I ended up getting some interesting response. Ego: Most of us are driven by Ego, If it is hurt I have a new enemy and if  nurtured friendship continues. Expectation: We expect […]

Random Thoughts: On-boarding new developers to open source projects. Then & Now.

We are entering in 2016, my journey to open source started in 2004-05 when i attended one of the Linux User Group meetup in New Delhi, India. Those days we had to pay one$ for surfing internet for an hour, having a dial-up internet at home was considered luxury. What was the scene those days? […]