Why are shy in asking, be it for advice or buying. Social scientists call it risk-averse tendency. The fear of losing hurts more than trying to gain. Asking from experts saves our time, no one is judging us. We make things look complicated. At the same time is it our ego or insecurity which plays […]


This crowded world of smart communication has a side effect. We have experts and advisors everywhere.   Open Twitter, and you will find an investor sharing wisdom on running a successful startup.   Open Hacker News, and you have some product guy sharing his wisdom followed by 1000 others in agreement or against it.   […]


All animal species shows the tendency of liking. It is auto-programmed and changes with our experience. Liking is not limited to a person or material. It plays a vital role in our decision-making process. We like to hire people who match our criteria and the same goes for our investment. Robert Cialdini in Influence writes […]