Things i like about Chennai

I been here for over two and half years. So felt like writing what i feel about this place.

Most people think Chennai only famous for veg food like dosa/idli/appam that is not correct. I was lucky to try nice Chettinad non-veg food along with variety of seafood.

Yes thats me eating drumstick chicken & non-veg thali at amma`s

I know it must be surprising as what i have heard from most of my friends that people here are not very welcoming to north indians. I was lucky so far & having great time here. Autowalas as ass everywhere & they are no different in Chennai.

Tamil culture is very old & vast in itself. I enjoyed seeing one or the other festival people celebrate here including the one where they take gods out from temple for a walk/ride.

If am correct then linux user group chennai is the only LUG left in our country which is active & holds regular monthly meetups. I have been part of it & presented as well in couple of occasions.

Last not the least i have made some great friends here who are going to remain part of my entire life no matter where i go.

Planning to Visit Chennai?
Chennai Tourism

RabbitMQ webUI & Ubuntu

I heard about RabbitMq webUI from my friend Ritesh. I felt it will be helpful for anyone who wants to understand queue workflow playing with OpenStack. After reading found this for getting the same on Ubuntu 12.04.

Installing RabbitMQ Server

# apt-get install rabbitmq-server

Checking list of installed plugin.

# rabbitmq-plugins list
[ ] amqp_client 0.0.0
[ ] cowboy 0.5.0-rmq0.0.0-git4b93c2d
[ ] eldap 0.0.0-gite309de4
[ ] mochiweb 2.3.1-rmq0.0.0-gitd541e9a
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_backend_ldap 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_auth_mechanism_ssl 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_consistent_hash_exchange 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_federation 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_federation_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_jsonrpc_channel_examples 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management_agent 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_management_visualiser 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_mochiweb 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_mqtt 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_old_federation 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_shovel_management 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_stomp 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_tracing 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp 0.0.0
[ ] rabbitmq_web_stomp_examples 0.0.0
[ ] rfc4627_jsonrpc 0.0.0-git7ab174b
[ ] sockjs 0.3.4-rmq0.0.0-git3132eb9
[ ] webmachine 1.9.1-rmq0.0.0-git52e62bc

Enabling the webUI

# rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
The following plugins have been enabled:
Plugin configuration has changed. Restart RabbitMQ for changes to take effect.

root@openstack-lxc:~# service rabbitmq-server restart
* Restarting message broker rabbitmq-server [ OK ]

To check the webUI kindly visit the browser with http://localhost:15672 Incase you have not created any user yourself you have a user:password created already guest:guest You should login with the creds & will see a shiny dashboard.

NOTE: If you are using version below 

rabbitmq-server     2.7.1-0ubuntu4 

Follow this instructions mentioned on stackoverflow

I am thinking about writing next after this so will add more RabbitMQ related blog soon ūüôā


Thoughts on/about ITIL

Some of you might not know 3 weeks back i moved to solutions engineering team at my current workplace. One of the main assignment under my belt is to build a product line around emerging cloud technology. I know it sounds to cool isn’t it?

I was suggested by my boss to attend ITIL foundation course as it will help me in understanding whole workflow & process. I was reluctant to spend 24 hours (8*3) i.e 3 days for it initially but after introductory session i got interested.

ITIL just tells/gives you idea & recommendation how things should be designed, kept in place for a successful IT setup. It just tells you the best practice rather instructing how.


So what was my takeaway from the course?

1. Understanding the whole process work flow.
2. Assigning a supervisor/manager who is responsible for one module in the entire process.
3. Roles & responsibility about your product/service.
4. Continuous upgradation & testing to achieve better result.
5. What not to do in order to fail.

Neither am a CEO or some successful manager who/CTO had deployed or architected a massive infrastructure but i would love to recommend everyone about it, its worth reading/understanding.

Lastly i have no interest in taking the certification exam, i just wanted to understand what/how it helps/works & purpose is achieved.

Why i love Delhi

I was in Delhi last week for few days, i visited after 8 months this time. I been hearing so many bad things about Delhi for some time. So I thought why not add few good things which I love about Delhi.




Delhi has one of the best variety of food one can find. It has a mix of Mughlai/Punjabi/North Indian as some of the variety. One can easily spend eating month trying all the varieties of food city has to offer.




One can find mix of culture and belief in the city. From one side to another you will see how quickly the whole way of living, eating & celebrating changes.


One can find Delhi in history if n number of books. The city ruled by so many rulers across the world.


Last not the least all my awesome friends with whom I spent over 10 years of my stay in city.

Planning to Visit Delhi?

The URL will be sufficient for your stay and visit around the city. ūüôā

OpenStack Summit, Portland & me.

I been lucky ¬†this time to attend the OpenStack Summit summit hosted in Portland. Why am saying lucky because :–

beer & meetup (photo credit @nikiacosta)

1. I was finally able to meet a lot of developers and friends whom i been interacting over 2 years on IRC for help/support related to various OpenStack related issues.

2. I could witness how awesome the overall project has evolved over span of two years, over 2000 participants & so many new faces in the dev room. I am saying this because i have been part of the project from almost day 0.

HP Party

(Photo Credit  @itarchitectkev)

3. I could see same people talking/tweeting/speaking about OpenStack who been fighting with us in past about our project & everything we were doing.

4. I could finally meet guys from various other enterprises & talk to them about how they can help us with the support in  strengthening OpenStack India community.

5. Interacting with global OpenStack community & sharing/exchanging thoughts about our OpenStack India Community.

6. Last not the least meeting again some of the super awesome folks whom i been following on Twitter & other social media space for help/support & who have been always helpful to me.

voodoo donuts


(Photo Credit @MichaeljonF)

And lastly i could eat Voodoo Donuts thanks @MichaeljonF¬†to¬†¬†for that. ūüôā

OpenStack: Grizzly release is here!!

Yesterday the latest stable release of OpenStack code name ¬†“GRIZZLY” got released. I am adding here list of ¬†interesting blogs & stats which can be helpful to get more details about it. Press Release Offical Blog Official Announcement Slide  Swift updates in Grizzly  Companies Contributing to Grizzly Release Note  Grizzly Contributors List

If you are in India & want to contribute & participate in OpenStack India join us :  OpenStack India Meetup India




OpenStack Swift in a box (folsom/ubuntu 12.04)

Last week i was at PES IT college, Bangalore  for a workshop on OpenStack Swift. I had to get them (students) a hands on of the same.

So i went through the video & resources which Joe Arnold created¬†explaining¬†about swift. ( So essentially what i have done here is extension of what was explained on Swiftatack site but customized it to my need. ūüôā

The thing was i was not able to find the script which can help me install Swift via Ubuntu repository on a fresh Ubuntu machine so what i did was , i went thought the official swift in a box guide & wrote a simple script which installs swift for you once you have Ubuntu 12.04 up and running along with cloud archive in place in your apt.sources.list.

Lastly thanks to my friend Hugo Ko ¬†who been great help in in fixing some errors i was getting cos of the file system permissions. I owe you a beer Hugo ūüėÄ

Custom virtualbox  Image for Ubuntu 12.04 can be found from here


Virtualbox Image (swift : swift are the credentials for default login user:password )  :

Custom Script for installing swift on ubuntu 12.04

I hope it helps everyone one wants to play with swift in a box with tempauth. Also i have not done anything awesome incredible here because most of it is already available at many places.

I have added it all on Bitbucket as well Happy “Forking” ¬†

Hope it helps!! ¬†ūüôā



Ubuntu MIR & Rolling release.

Almost everyone from community has written in great length & depth about how recent rolling release and MIR announcement has been Canonical`s decision.

I am not writing this blog to prove anyone wrong or taking side with anyone. What Canonical has done for community & spreading word of Linux has been incredible. They are an Enterprise and they have every right to take decision on Ubuntu. But at same time they have to make sure that community who has always been behind them(Am one of them) remains with them.

I would hope things will settle down soon & all the questions will be¬†addressed¬†or has already been by Jono(Community Manager) ūüôā



Event Report : Linux User Group Chennai meetup

I am almost over a week late to post this blog. I was out in Pune for our other Openstack mini-conf which was held in Pune on 15th Feb. I will be blogging about same later this week.

I had this opportunity to speak about cloud computing and OpenStack in February month Linux User Group Chennai meetup. We had interesting talk and demo lined up, see the details here we had a crowd of over 30 people and was fun to interact with everyone. I just realized 30 mins is not sufficient to talk about cloud computing & OpenStack along with taking all the questions from audience.



I will make sure to attend the meetup next month and speak about Nova the OpenStack compute project.

Photos of the event are available here


5 Indian startups revolutionized e-commerce in India

So i felt like sharing the web portals which just revolutionized whole e-commerce business in India. I selected 5 such portals along with their business revenue source via Internet.


Started as online bookstore now sells almost everything. In short i would say its AMAZON of India. I am a big fan of them. One new thing which they bought to Indian customers was “cash on Delivery ”¬†


One of the web portal catering needs of Indians looking for employment. A job portal in simple terms.


One of the very first web portal came in existence to help in marriage match making(matrimony)


I am a regular user of this site. The site provides online reservation of bus tickets for almost all major cities. They already have over million tickets booking done. ūüôā


One of the first web portal which launched with aim of providing great flight ticketing experience.

Lastly almost all of them are using cloud ūüėÄ