My little journey of running a small team has taught me one thing: people. It is about making teammates comfortable, believing in them, and helping them in getting better. We, humans, strive for love care and recognition. The power of togetherness, we are all in it trumps over toxic transactional work culture environment.

I understand the nuances of hiring a dozen folks, throwing money at them, and making them work like a donkey and delivering quickly. In the long run, it backfires, and the team will leave you in crisis.


I have lived half of my life. Struggle, love, belief, failures, trust has been part of it. I think living for seventy years should be fair. It might not hold for a next pandemic or a nuclear war.

The journey in most had struggle because I have not been a great student. So passing every other class in school, college or engineering has been a pain in the ass. It has been a struggle because I was clueless about what I want from my life. It has been a struggle because I lived most part what and how society governed. It has been a struggle because of the expectation set by loved ones.

The journey so far has been joyful because of family, grandparents, many other friends, and people. Some have departed. Many others and are still cheering. The journey has been full of love because of the strangers who opened up their arms, helped me when I was drowning in guilt, sorrow, or misery.

The journey has its share of failure because I gave up too early. I don’t know. Or did not give my hundred percent effort. It could have been my ego, being hot-headedness.

The journey got better in the latter half as I started questioning myself, the society dogma. I got lucky finding a lot of believers who trusted in me, who gave me the ladder and taught me how to walk. Whenever I failed, I was allowed to fix myself. Not many get it.

My life’s learning: find more mentors, believers, make the best of every opportunity and be more kind towards self and others around. This world is not even. Some parts of it have rough edges, let us work towards mending it.


I don’t know If it is my age or experience with that is teaching me so well. The world around us has an equilibrium: rich/destitute, good/evil. It is on our way of how we see and take things. We can be critical of everything or accept it.

But what more and more we should do is having an equilibrium. Having a view but not on prejudice, bias, and previous experiences.

The world we are living in wants to throw its opinion on us. It wants to condition us with self-enforced belief. Be it caste, religion, nationalism, or world view. Most of us will fall prey to it. Our consciousness stays with social media apps, news, and movies.

Bhagwad Gita’s equanimity was long forgotten anyways.


How many relationships have come for a halt because of our assumptions? I spoke to my friend after six months.

I had my reason for not talking. It was self-made, an assumption.

How many of us die without knowing stories of the other side? What could be the reason? Our self made assumptions, pride, ego, or ignorance.

How many loved ones have united, relationships would have been sorted if we speak out, instead of assuming?

Assumptions are like castles in the cloud. They are the outcome of our confirmation bias.


In the end, every organization wants to earn a profit. That will happen when a customer is a central pillar.

An organization hosts many smaller boxes/sub-groups together. Each has a role in making the organization better. A marketing team has to position the brand. A sales team has to take the organization to new growth hight. A finance team has to manage bookkeeping. A development team works on building innovative products.

The prosperity of an organization depends on the hand of each of these sub-groups. They have to work together as a family and keep the customer in the center of everything important decisions.

An organization will struggle. Their customer will leave, profit will disappear unless sub-groups joins as a single unit. Working as an insolated unit in a silo will harm everyone.


You don’t have to go pay to Ryan Holiday to learn about the side effect of an ego. Most of us want to be at the top. Some take shortcuts and, many others fight.

Ego is a disease. Our life depends on the relationships we build. If we are treating others like dogs to shove off our Ego, how can that be good?

Some people die with a great legacy. Other’s death is good riddance. Pick your side.


There are some scenarios when we get triggered, agitated. It can be because someone’s action which is hurting us. It can also be ill-treatment by others. These are moments when rationality fights with emotions.

To live in a hyper-competitive world we are in, knowing what can get us triggered can be a boon.

The externality and our internal fundamentals are always at confit. We have to move on, die every moment.


Over the last 40 days, I have been experimenting with my coffee intakes. Coffee was screwing up my sleep, that has been my conclusion.

I tried different beans and timings for consumption. The learning has been the quantity of beans in my glass has a direct result on my sleep.

I have restricted my consumption to 10 grams of coffee a day. I am sleeping at peace without any hiccups. Now I can have two glass with five grams of coffee in each at any time.

I have got a new glass and spoon for measuring beans before grinding them.


The effect of coffee quantity differs from people to people. I am lucky to have found my limit.


Numerous books, articles, and journals talk about goals. When it is about an organization, we have three actors who work on it.

Leader: His job is to visualize a future and come up with a roadmap in achieving it.

Customers: Customers are the path setter. They help leaders showing the future and creating organizational goals.

Employee: An employee has to work shoulder to shoulder with the leader. An employee’s personal goal and organizational goal needs to have symmetry. It will be wreckage otherwise for the organization.

It makes hiring and on-boarding an initial set of customers more challenging.


What is wrong with media off late? The journalistic ethic has gone bonkers. More and more post I read over web seems like written by the PR team, not journalists.

The journalism I have witnessed comes with courage, research, and finding the truth.

Do I have to blame the internet for this or new breed of journalists who have gone lazy? Or is page click, followers on social media, or likes have become new pillars of journalism?

Back in 2007 at NewsX, I remember journalists fighting for stories at editorial meets. One has to prove authenticity, source. Modern-day journalists serve the story in a platter, PR folks share a puff piece, it gets published.

Have journalists turned into story/post crunching machines who have forgotten to fact check and publish with due diligence?

I am wondering if independent journalism will change it. When you are running your show, you are less worried about pleasing others or getting free trips to attend product demo launches. The few sane voices will remain the odd one out, but for how long?

I am lucky to have worked with three media houses and have friends spread across a dozen others. The learning and experience have resulted in my writing this.