I am not sure what inspired me to post this but I’m writing about valuable friendships that I am happy to be affiliated with.


Achet & me.

Last year was a tough one for me. I was not in great shape with too many things stressing me out. The only thing that kept me going were my dearest friends. Yep they have believed in me more than anybody ever did. I travelled to Delhi a few weeks back and we laughed about same.

Its good to have that cluster of close knit companions, the ones who are there for you in every situation be it good or bad. I consider myself very blessed to have such good friends in my life.

Here is my suggestion to everyone out there, make friends but keep those few chosen ones closer to you rather than inviting everybody into your life. Remember it is not your Facebook friends or Twitter followers who will stand by you in and out through thick or thin but those selective bunch of people whom you can count on. These are the friendships that will be cherished and appreciated. They are the group of people you hope to have around when you are old, meet up for drinks,and if lucky, spend retirement with.

Ashish & Me.

Ashish & Me.

Sadly,in my lifetime I have lost many friends along the way. Maybe because I blurted out a few things that did not go down well or at times they did not appreciate my honesty or they also might have said things which were not okay with. As selfish as I may sound, it’s good that they are no more part of my life. I feel blessed with the fact that by having only a selective few bunch of friends who are there for me, I value and cherish them equally.

So wrapping up the post highlighting my closeness and gratefulness towards my selected few friends that I am proud to call my close knit associates. Share with me on how many such friends do u have?