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Random Thoughts: On OpenStack


OpenStack is over 5 years old now.  I have seen the project from days when many pundits claimed its not needed or it is a dead project or what not. These are some of my thoughts about the overall project & where it i s headed.

Community: I think OpenStack is one of the biggest project so far written in python. The latest release has over 5000 developers. Every release has followed a cycle & delivered timely.

Marketing Hype: OpenStack no more enjoys the hype it used to years back, tech scene changes so rapidly. 

Foundation: I think forming OpenStack foundation was one of the best thing happened to the project. The folks are working really hard to push project forward in whatever best possible way they can.

Foundation Members: OpenStack has almost every enterprise backing, check this link if you don’t believe me .  All these organization wants to make money out of it & hence they all have aspirations. Most of them have full time employes hacking/contributing to upstream OpenStack code.

Definition of OpenStack: It has been over 5 years & we have not come to a conclusion what components must/must-not have to make the product “OpenStack Powered” I know Rob & others been working hard on this, not sure when will this be finally a reality.

VC’s putting $$$:  Vc’s believed in Openstack & startups building services around OpenStack ended up getting funded over a billion $. Source

Acquisitions & Closures: In this 5 years tenure we saw a lot of these smaller startups getting acquired by traditional vendors like Piston, CloudScaling, BlueBox.  At same time we heard about Nebula closing down & HP public cloud getting shut.

Job Market: OpenStack created a great job market & even 5 years down the line being an OpenStack developer can get you good $$. If you have contributed upstream then companies will be after you to hire.

The dream of Federated Cloud: I am still waiting to see if  I will even be able to share my workload simultaneously on Rackspace, IBM Cloud or others with single OpenStack dashboard. This dream which was sold to us, I don’t see happening at all.  After fighting with Simon all these years over API I have to agree having Amazon API support as native would have increased OpenStack’s adoption.

Too many install Options: I have to agree many ways to do the same thing can be confusing. Installing OpenStack is still hard and perhaps will always remain so. I won’t be surprised if someone writes a detailed thesis on the installation procedure & options [with comparison to all devOp tools] for OpenStack & upgrading OpenStack.

Pain of managing Install/API doc:  Every new release has 100+ new flags & coordinating with developers or upstream contributor is not an easy job.  Anne & team are doing excellent work. They will love to see your contribution & this is the best place if you want to get started with  contributing to OpenStack project.

PS: I was one of the core OpenStack documentation contributor &  still a community coordinator for OpenStack project in India.

OpenStack 5th Birthday celebration Bangalore India.



OpenStack itself has come a long way and the birthday celebrations witnessed over 40 enthusiastic participants. We spent most of the time discussing Openstack while answering intriguing questions about the project the development and the overall ecosystem. It was good to see creative upstream contributors talking to the newer developers, sharing their experiences and advices alike. We wound off the event with cake cutting followed by a pizza party.


I hope the OpenStack journey continues to progress, flourish and grow as we continue to celebrate more birthdays in the upcoming years with newer upstream contributors and more users.

Technology as we saw in 2014.


I know i am little late in posting this, but wiseman said its better late than none. 2014 was year with announcement all around technology.  It had some surprises as well & biggest of all MSFT taking .Net to open source.

  1. Cloud Foundry foundation announced. This announcement will add more value/credibility to overall project. Other vendors/enterprise will happily contribute to it as its no more under Pivotal`s control.
  2. Microsoft open sources .NET core I get a feeling this move is too late, i would still hope if this gets people to Azure platform.
  3. coreOS announces its own container technology.  Its always good to have choice we will see where rocket project goes in 2015.
  4. Docker adds more battery to core
  5. Octablue gets acquired by Citrix Citrix master stroke, this gets their foot inside internet of things, i have high hopes from Octablue project. Let see what happens after the acquisition.
  6. Eucalyptus gets acquired by HP Eucalyptus is dead & HP gets customers for their private cloud.
  7. OpenStack gets more mainstream Even with wide contribution and popularity a lot needs to be worked on especially the networking i.e neutron project.
  8. Microservies We will see more advocates talking about microservices.
  9. Nodejs is forked Let see what we get from the fork & if every other project adopts/supports the fork. It will be interesting project to watch in 2015.

interesting reads #4 [startups, tech, life]


Isro successfully launches navigation satellite IRNSS 1C

Scripting yet another milestone in outer space, Isro successfully launched IRNSS 1C, the third member of the seven satellite constellation of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), in the wee hours of Thursday.OpenStack Juno released

OpenStack Juno releases

OpenStack the open source cloud computing platform comes out with its 10th release codename Juno. The project has got traction from everywhere community/enterprise/users.

Marc Andreessen on Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Airbnb

Interesting interview of Marc Andreessen at dreamforce14. His vision, perspective on upcoming emerging technology, startup bubble, burn rate & bitcoins adoption.

Y Combinators: How to Start a Startup

On the ongoing series 2 more video has come.

Lecture 7: How to Build Products Users Love, Part I 

Lecture 8: Doing Things That Don’t Scale, PR How to Get Started

As usual am behind the schedule & need to catch up with it.

Video series on history

The series of course has been most interesting piece of online study video on history. I got a great insight about Indus Valley civilization. Boy they were much ahead of us, multi storey buildings, drainage system, community bath etc. I would strongly recommend you to watch the entire series for more fun.

Kamal Ravikant on Love &  Entrepreneurship

Kamal Ravikant is a famous Author, Startup mentor, VC & coach for life, In this video he talks about his life failures & how he got back to the world. His book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” one a must read for everyone.

James Altucher’s Ultimate Book Giveaway

James is giving around 25 books, all you need to do is to participate in the contest.

Interesting reads #2 (startup, others)



How Jerry Yang Made The Most Lucrative Bet In Silicon Valley History

One of the most fascinating read about the story of Alibaba & how Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo got into investing Alibaba.

100 things that i learned while building my startup

Interesting piece of 100 advice, every startup guy should read & follow.

Before the startup

Paul Graham shares interesting thought about the overall startup ecosystem which includes mentoring & funding.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Startup Event Marketing

Interesting summery of a DEFRAG 2014, with word of advice around startup funding marketing events. It has become  a new symbol of being successful, go fund an event in valley.

Go Fund Yourself  

Interesting episode from southpark covering about todays mad mad world of startup scene. Incredibly funny worth watching.

 Lecture 3: Counterintuitive Parts of Startups, and How to Have Ideas from Sam Altman.

Yahoo closing down few other services too

Yahoo is known for buying and closing services. As per estimate it has closed over 37 services so far & this new announcement comes with killing few more.

Bred Feld on depression & how to get over it for startup founders

Founder Suicides

What Helps You When You Are Depressed?

Technology Specific

Shellshock Bash bug detailed explanation.

Troy in his blog gives a very detailed description about the Shellshock bash bug, am interesting read if you want in-depth information about same.

What is OpenStack Core — Jay Pipes

Jay pipes one of the key contributor to OpenStack project & part of it since inception has put his $$ of the CORE definition. He covers interesting stuff unlike others where more goes to trademark.

Juno: A free environment for the Julia language

Julia is turning into one of the popular choice for scientific computing & as a result we have Juno announced.


James Altucher on life

Life is Like a Game. Here’s How You Master ANY Game

As usual another blog from James where he shares his secret about being successful, a must read.

How following James Altucher changed life of Niklas Goeke

An interesting post where Niklas Goeke shares how he got his acts together, got motivated, made small  goals. His life got transformed & major credit he attributes to blog of James Altucher.

Interesting Reads #1

Few weeks back my friend suggested I should come up with my weekly reading list, so here it is. I will try post this every week either on Saturday or Sunday.



ISRO updates on Indias Mars Misson 

ISRO successfully launches its mission to Mars & its called MOM, ISRO Mars Orbiter, you can find all interesting exploration pictures via MOM twitter handle & its one hell of fun @MarsOrbiter

An Invitation to ‘Make in India’ : Indian PM

Government of India launches Make in India campaign, the simple focus is to cut the red take & invite investments in all the sectors. One can find all the details about the over all campaign on the website


15 Jack Ma Quotes To Inspire You

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba, which recently went for IPO in NYSE has advice for everyone, its worth reading.

a16z:10 ways to damage your fast-growing tech startup

a16z, one of the big VC from silicon valley has piece of caution & advice for startup kids.

Traction: A startup guide to getting customers with guest gabriel weinberg [podcast]

Traction, nice collection which is must read for anyone who wants to get into successful marketing spree for startup. The authors are giving interesting insight in the podcast.

Fred Wilson on starts burn rate: Burn baby burn.

Fred, one of the known VC writing about how burn rate is going to be pain in ass for the startup especially those who are in series A/B/C

a16z: If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales? 

a16z, talking about the myth SaaS based startups are living on.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Startups

One of the most interesting read on medium, gives an interesting insight about overall startup ecosystem.

Sam Altman: Lecture 1: Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I 

Sam Altman: Lecture 2: Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part II

Our very own Sam Altman from YC combinator taking class on startup, must watch for everyone into startup eco-sytem.


Answering the existential question in OpenStack by Jay Pipes.

Jay Pipes, one of the early developers, PTL from OpenStack project has his thought on the way the overall project is shaping up after 4 years of its existence.

#TNS [ The New Stack]

Why One Developer Chose Go

Interesting take on Go language from Cory, It gives a nice prospective about the programming language.

A Linux Hobbyist’s Path to a Career in Tech with 7 Recommendations for Women and Minorities

Elizabeth K. Joseph  is long time Ubuntu contributor & is part of OpenStack now, She shares her experience about being part of women in IT & advice to everyone who wants to be part of it, loved reading it.

#Jamesaltucher [from James Altucher blogs]

Step By Step Guide to Make $10 Million And Then Totally Blow It

James Altucher, a living genius, regular blogger/podcaster/VC in his latest blog shares his prospective about making $$ & losing it. Another fun read.


OpenStack @OSIdays, India 2013

At OSI Days Bangalore, India we OpenStack India team organized a mini-conf. It was well accepted & we had many new faces participating as attendees as well as speakers. You can check the schedule of event here 

Its great to see so many students and professional folks joining our event. Last but not least Q/A session was my favorite part.

Thanks to organizers of OSI Days for graciously granting us venue like they did last year.

OpenStack Day India, September 2013

I know am too late to write about it but its better to write about an event rather than not.


Its been great year for OpenStack India community, we crossed over 1700 members & at same time during the event met a lot many startup folks. Some of them are simple system integrators and some are working as solution provider while others are involved in product testing. It should be noted that companies like HP, DELL, Cisco and other multinational already has big team working from beginning. I was fascinated to find that one of the biggest ISP provider in India Netmagic is already using Swift in production & soon moving compute to Nova.

Thanks to all our sponsors & OpenStack foundation for the support, you can read the whole event report here  We as folks from OpenStack India team really worked hard to make this happen. 🙂

Technology as i see in 2014


1. Sql is not dead

Well i remember people calling SQL based databases historic or dead and what not. I don`t see it going anywhere. Oracle will keep minting $$ & on Open Source champions like MySql and Postgres will go along well in deployment with  most web CMS & technology. Even the cloud computing like AWS has extended its support on Postgres

2. WebRTC is kicking butt

In case you have still not heard of WebRTC, you better start looking out for it. The project will change the way real time communication is taking place on web. The fun thing is giants like Cisco and Google are battling it out for theirs as default codec.

3. OpenStack will be Defacto cloud enabler

I don`t give much attention to analysts when they say OpenStack has no real deployments. I clearly seeing the project making great strides in many areas. The modularity of OpenStack allows its component integrated with multiple technology. Companies like ConcurMercadoLibre, Disney are using Swift [Object Storage component of OpenStack]  in real production case. Yes these companies are using various other technology & some are not even using Cloud.

4. Azure & IBM will keep battling out with AWS

Azure & $MSFT will do great with cloud reason, they already have an ecosystem. ex- Office365. Microsoft will tweak there licensing cost to move all there traditional customers to cloud.  Softlayer acquisition by IBM clearly shows the future of cloud in enterprise is AWESOME. Everyone is serious.

5. People will keep talking about Big Data and NoSql

And last not the least people are usual will keep talking about Big Data & NoSql, venture capitals will keep funding startups. In reality you cannot add big data in all the use cases, i would prefer R or Python Panda for doing same stuff on smaller level.

6. PaaS PaaS PaaS baby

Yes platform as a service will remain another dominating topic for CIO & to be discussed among social media circuit. OpenShift & Cloud foundry will keep making technology polished and awesome.


Happy Birthday OpenStack #OpenStack3Bday

Current Mood (Excited)


What an incredible journey this has been. We are celebrating 3rd birthday of OpenStack, the Open Source cloud computing software for building clouds. We have had awesome journey so far and will continue rocking.




How it started?

Rackspace + NASA = OpenStack


Where are we now? [2] 

Rackspace + RedHat + Canonical + IBM + HP + DELL + Cisco + VMware <Insert your company here, i must have missed 150+ others> = OpenStack

OpenStack Vision

To produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private cloud providers regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

Our Definition of “OPEN

             Open Source

             Open Design

             Open Development

             Open Community


How are we doing?


Over 1000 contributors making project super awesome.


Over 10271 from 124 countries are part of this revolution.

User Story

OpenStack is in production over into multiple domain from research/enterprise/telcos many public private cloud providers are selling services on top of it as well.

Me & OpenStack

I have been lucky to see the overall project grow from beginning & contribute to the project whatever way i can. I made many friends in this tenure & got to know many things about cloud/technology.


One More Thing

I see OpenStack giving me freedom to select a particular technology every level of my technology/deployment stack, be it OS/Hypervisor/Network/Storage/DevOps. I see OpenStack as a technology which gives rise to many providers & they take on with commercial vendors. I know every now and then our critics and competitors come up with one or the other theory/analysis/graph/prediction/hypothesis. I am a proud Indian and i believe in what, Mahatma Gandhi father of nation told us

First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win.


How can you help & join us?

Its still not late, you can be part of this project many ways. Please go through the links below to understand & join us.

How To Contribute 

How a non developer can contribute to OpenStack

What Next??

I will go eat some cake !!! 😀


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