Desktop Summit: My Experience meeting Gnome/Kde folks

First of all thanks to KDE e.V for sponsoring my trip. It was great place to meet g33ks and folks i been chatting mostly via IRC.

Desktop Summit

I met many folks like Andre , Lydia and Aaron to name a few. I was happy to see participation of attendees from India most of them being GSOC students and contributors.

Vishesh and Rohan

The two freaks above they been allready doing some awesome work, vishesh with nepomuk and Rohan with bug fixes on Kde and Ubuntu.

I also met awesome team of kde-www although neverendingo was not there i had conversation with annew on the userbase related contribution.

I also got chance to meet Mr. Shuttleworth and attend his say on copyrights and stuff.

Mark Shuttleworth and Michael Meeks


I love KDE and Gnome both, but there are people who are very strict to there choice. I might be wrong but we need to be flexible and give/show love to both. Am happy to see KDE and Gnome folks all at same place. 😀

KDE and Gnome

I been organizer of an open source event and i need to learn the commitment part from  the organizers, hats off to them for everything.

seaLne (setting up connector in hall for hack session)

Its been one of the best experience for me, i would especially thank andre and lydia. They gave confidence to me for submitting my talk

I am happy for all those parties and beer i had during Island and beach party.

Beach Party


I am very grateful to work with my awesome OSS team at csscorp who helped me with all the valuable suggestion for my talk.