Oneiric release party across India

So what i did is, asked for of my friends in Mumbai, Hydrabad and Delhi share there event related photos of Oneiric release party.

That is what i will be doing mentioning about them. 🙂




Gaurav is assistant dean IT and a Open Source freak who is trying his best to turn his college into a FOSS friendly institute.   I was  there at a workshop and felt great. They have nice FOSS lab in place as well with students working on Ubuntu and web technology stuff. Recently they have applied for Loco team hope it will be approved soon. 🙂



Jmi stands for Jamia milia islamia a university in Delhi. I met Sheel and the team in feb this year during workshop in there college. These guys are doing really great and am sure of getting upstream contribution from these folks.

VIT, Mumbai

Mehul my Fossy & Biker friend told me about them and i was introduced to Rigved and am happy to know about the event they had.Looking forward to meet the folks during my Mumbai trip sometime soon.

Oneiric Release Party was held in Mumbai on 19th October 2011 at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT).

The event was attended by students of VIT, an ex-student Rigved Rakshit and the Ubuntu Indian Loco contact Nitish Mistry. The event started around 1730 IST.

Rigved showed a demo of using a Ubuntu LiveCD. Then, he went on to show how to install Ubuntu in various (only-OS-on-the-system/dual-boot) configurations. Ubuntu 11.10 LiveCDs were handed out. Also, Rigved gave out two official Ubuntu 10.10 CDs and ISO images of Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, Ubuntu 10.04 Server and K/L/Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop.

You can find complete event details here



Telegu Loco, Hydrabad

Pavi mailed in the mailing list of announcing the event. It was very short notice and i missed it. I would have to to visit hydrabad and meet my old friends.


I will populate this place if i get details of other Oneiric release party around. 😛