2011 passed, 2012 welcome!!

Been a while i wrote anything on my blog. So time to review what all i did/happened in 2011.

Firstly “happy new year 2012” to all my friends whom i did not call/sms/tweet blehh blehh , i was partying with my friends in jungle of Lonavala.

Mithesh Greenmang0 and friends at Lonavala !!

Okey lets begin :-

Moved to Chennai in feb 2011 and joined www.csscorp.com open source support team, thanks to @kiranmurari for giving me this opportunity. 🙂

I have completed almost 1 year here and to be honest second place after www.newsx.com where i have stayed for over an year. 😀

I been told a lot about Chennai, especially about people/food/weather but i am lucky 2 have awesome office folks and friends  i managed all of this and had no difficulty in adjusting with/to it. Autowallahs are morons all across India and  Chennai is no exception.

FOSS Confs :-

Thanks to KDE for sponsoring me during Desktop Summit, Berlin to present a talk It was great place to meet people whom i been chatting via IRC for many years. 🙂

I was also at Software Freedom Day celebration at Jaya FOSS club, Chennai. Thanks to the organizers for this wonderful event.

Travelling :-

As a amature photographer i did traveled across Chennai(TN) thanks to @suseendranrb @johnson81385 @eternaltyro  thyagoo for all the trips, many more are in pipeline for 2012 😀

After Desktop Summit in Aug 2011 i took a week off and traveled few places in europe like Athens/Rome/Madrid, I admit am lazy, still i have put some photos of my trip at http://www.atuljha.com/photos


Before coming to Chennai i was a simple Linux sysadmin and FOSS advocate. Things are better now, 😛 I have started coding and working around open source cloud computing platform like openstack and eucalyptus.

I was lucky to contribute few patches 2 Ubuntu openstack packages, any patch is a patch i been told. 😀 Most of my contribution are at lauchpad I am currently spending some time playing with juju and owncloud, i will be presenting some workshop on the same in coming months. 🙂


Well most of my friends would be surprised to hear that am reading fiction/short stories instead of only reading tech books. I am totally addicted to Khushwant Singh and finished 5 of his books so far, hoping to get few more next month via @flipkart


Well 2012 wishlist includes learning Python and Hadoop apart from travelling some awesome place like Ooty/Kundapura/Munnar/Cochin in India.

Looking forward to make 2012 another rocking year of my life!!