Smart auto-wala in Chennai, for a change!!

Chennai is known for there fucked up/creepy autowalas. They will literally rob you if they realize you are not local. Even they act like morons with locals.

So like every weekday i was out from my office around 8.30 pm waiting for auto and i was welcomed by an autowala. So my rule is just tell them 100 RS and where you want to go. This guy spoke in fluent English and after few minutes started speaking in Hindi. I was totally shocked as it was first time in 2 yrs i found an autowala speaking in fluent Hindi. My first question to him “Bhaiya do you watch lots of Hindi movie? Your hindi is way better than ordinary folks in Chennai. His response was he knows 7 other languages 🙂

We kept on talking and he told me how he spent most of his life previously in Gulf and then Maldives. He learnt lot other languages while work tenure abroad.

Lastly he said money is not everything family/parents matters as well and hence after 9 years staying abroad i returned back.

For first time in 2 yrs stay here in Chennai i felt great about autowalas 🙂