2012 passing, 2013 welcome!!

To start with Happy New Year 2013 in advance!!




I been in Chennai for almost 2 years now, i don`t have anything good/bad/ugly 2 say on that.

Foss confs

I been lucky 2 attend OSCON, UDS, and many other conference happening in India like Gnunify, Pycon, OpenStack Day. It was great experience meeting so many great technology folks and sharing like minded ideas. I am still too young in front of all the guys. I am trying to learn and get better as time progresses.


2012 has been a great year in technology exposure for me. I was lucky 2 be part of OpenStack and Ubuntu projects. I am still learning and will keep contributing from my side whatever way i can.

Reading & Music

2012 has been year i spent reading a lot of fiction mainly written by Khushwant Singh and listening to Sufi songs by Abida Parveen and Nusret Fateh Ali Khan. I also last night realized that fusion music is good for ears. 🙂

Whats in store for 2013 ?

Well only God can predict that but as human i have few things i would love to spend my time on.

1. Technology 

I would like to spend sometime understanding Ceph and internals of OpenStack projects especially Quantum. I would also like to understand the whole concept of High Availability in cloud computing and Openstack in particular. I would also like to pick up puppet or chef or salt along with Juju which i already use.

2. Conference

I would love to participate in OpenStack Design summit, UDS, FOSDEM, OSCON, Deployconf this year. I wish i could make it all. 😀

3. Others

This year i am going to get in habit of blogging/blogging/blogging every week at least. I contributed few articles already for muktware (http://www.muktware.com/5031/atul-jha) in 2012 but i want to add a lot more in 2013.

Bootstrap clouders.in with weekly podcast from cloud/PAAS/Big Data/Monitoring/others industry folks early next year. I am making list of guest for coming 6 months. If your interested to be my guest let me know. 🙂

Start taking photographs of all the trips and roaming i do. I visited so many places around Chennai without camera and missed to capture moments. 🙁

Focus/Focus/Focus I really need to spend less time on social media, i was lucky to do later part of 2012 but i want to bring it further down in 2013.

Last but not the least i think i should try some formal cloths as well, All this while in 5 yr career i have been a t-shirt/Jeans/Converse guy. I am unsure if i can really achieve this, fingers crossed. 😀