Why i love Delhi

I was in Delhi last week for few days, i visited after 8 months this time. I been hearing so many bad things about Delhi for some time. So I thought why not add few good things which I love about Delhi.




Delhi has one of the best variety of food one can find. It has a mix of Mughlai/Punjabi/North Indian as some of the variety. One can easily spend eating month trying all the varieties of food city has to offer.




One can find mix of culture and belief in the city. From one side to another you will see how quickly the whole way of living, eating & celebrating changes.


One can find Delhi in history if n number of books. The city ruled by so many rulers across the world.


Last not the least all my awesome friends with whom I spent over 10 years of my stay in city.

Planning to Visit Delhi?




The URL will be sufficient for your stay and visit around the city. 🙂