Thoughts on/about ITIL

Some of you might not know 3 weeks back i moved to solutions engineering team at my current workplace. One of the main assignment under my belt is to build a product line around emerging cloud technology. I know it sounds to cool isn’t it?

I was suggested by my boss to attend ITIL foundation course as it will help me in understanding whole workflow & process. I was reluctant to spend 24 hours (8*3) i.e 3 days for it initially but after introductory session i got interested.

ITIL just tells/gives you idea & recommendation how things should be designed, kept in place for a successful IT setup. It just tells you the best practice rather instructing how.


So what was my takeaway from the course?

1. Understanding the whole process work flow.
2. Assigning a supervisor/manager who is responsible for one module in the entire process.
3. Roles & responsibility about your product/service.
4. Continuous upgradation & testing to achieve better result.
5. What not to do in order to fail.

Neither am a CEO or some successful manager who/CTO had deployed or architected a massive infrastructure but i would love to recommend everyone about it, its worth reading/understanding.

Lastly i have no interest in taking the certification exam, i just wanted to understand what/how it helps/works & purpose is achieved.