How to Start a Startup note #2


I know everyone is watching, reading, following @sama course how to start a startup. Today spent sometime watching Brian Chesky, founder Airbnb, he shared interesting story about Airbnb, how it started and all.

I am keeping this notes for myself, if it helps someone else good karma gets added on me.  🙂

  • An idea is important but so is execution.
  • Failing for 100 times does not mean your product suck, it means not everyone are going with your vision.
  • It is not easy to get funded for a crazy idea, you will fail more often but you have to keep trying.
  • Culture is like a DNA for successful company.
  • Most successful companies hire candidates who maps to their culture.
  • Sometimes its good to take bigger blow for short term rather getting decimated from roots.
  • Its really important to have co-founders who compliment what you are lacking.