Why startups abort?


Product market fit:  Let’s say you have built an e-commerce product targeting the local market but it has limited internet penetration &  online banking close to 0%. What happens to your product? It becomes restricted and misfit in the market you are targeting.

Uber changed its payment policy in India because less than 10% of the Indian population owns a credit card.

Traction: When you have built a product with little dissimilarity from existing players in the market, how are you going to compete and get purchase?

Difference of opinion among founders: Building a startup is much more than entering into a relationship or finding a friend. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and dedication and is definitely not for everyone. In startups, it is common to see differences in opinions among the founders which results in a bungle.

Lack of funding: Nobody will fund you if you fall in the above three categories namely where you have no money, no traction, no product/market with illogical partnerships among founders.