information overflow


We are in age of information overflow. Everything is just click of a button for us i.e pizza/taxi/grocery. It has done wonders for us but at same time it has bought lots of noise which can distract you to new high.

1. Paid Opinions: It is too easy for a firm to get our opinion mapped the way they like. We have too many mediums for it like social media or advertisements via apps.

2. Privacy: Ooh, its past now. Your life is no more private we know where you are, what you are eating, whom you are partying with.

3. Too many source of Information: You have to choose your source smartly else you will end up watching, reading, listening crap. 24 hours news channels in India are live example of it.

My only suggestion would be to spend some time with yourself. It is good to be part of this new phenomenon. It was meant to make our life simpler/easier/productive not slave.