How to Start a Startup note #5


Today I spent listing to Paul Graham in the how to start a startup series lecture. Paul is fucking awesome, full of fun, honesty & blunt in giving an opinion. We need more such motivators in our startup ecosystem.

My notes from his lecture:

  1. Listen to your intuition
  2. Work with people whom you respect and have known long enough.
  3. Understand your user, make something people really want  & that is how your startup will grow.
  4. Success of your startup is not fundraising.
  5. Starting a startup during college is not a good idea.
  6. An idea & co-founders is what college can provide.
  7. Domain expertise is what will give you an edge over others when you are building your product.
  8. If you work on things you like you don’t have to force yourself 4 being efficient.