That One Productive Weekend Discovery!!

weekend fun

Last weekend Archit,Krishna and I proposed to do lunch. Our plan was elementary or so we thought – an adequate south Indian meal to fill us up and spend ample amount of time talking about technology/life/etc to catch up. Plans never go in the direction you want especially on weekends is what I’ve learnt.  It so happened that for first time since I’ve moved to Bangalore, I gorged on so much food & that too a satiating north/south Indian meal in just one sitting!  I outdone myself!!! Make no mistake, I ain’t complaining, it was relishing to the core. After appeasing our ravenous appetites, we headed over to Krishna`s house and what occurs next is entertaining. Picture this, three vocally loud people singing vociferously, well actually making a lot of noise and yes I also got to know that both these guys are superb guitar players.

What did we do next? Ahh, we ended up shrill singing till decibels humans are not supposed to hit and touched notes we never knew existed in song [btw yours truly is a bathroom singer, so the experience paid off] Our genre was mainly oldies & recent hindi tracks, actually we just sang like stars. And if that was not enough, Krishna got us into warbling this last songl  “Washing Powder Nirma”  title track that we’ve grown up humming too.

Disclaimer : This is what we made:

and in no way is this to be copied or exposed without consent. If you do so, do at your own risk and don’t say we did not warn you!

If you are unfamiliar with the original track (makes me feel so old now to reference the original, can’t believe that there are so many of you who haven’t heard the original) Washing Powder Nirma – Original

I am open to compliments or criticisms you may have for us! We appreciate you taking that precious time to feedback our talent.

I personally felt good about it, why?

  1. It was so relaxing, I felt happy and we just laughed.
  2. They say, indulging in these kind of spontaneous activities increases  bonding/relationship.Bonus!
  3. For a change you just let go adultism and forget about negative thoughts that always encircles in your mind.

Irrespectively, I felt amazing!

So what next?
We have decided to meet up every week and do the same. Maybe vlog it next time and who knows we might end up having our own channel on youtube/soundcloud for you guys to enjoy!.

Startup Idea, What seriously?
Well I must confess, I beat you to it. I was kinda wondering, how cool will it be to have this sort of jam organized once in month where startup folks can join/participate. It will make one happy and for a change they will not have to worry about startup term sheet, VC funding, board meeting and the rest of that crazy stuff.

What do you people think?
I would love to hear back from you people, constructive criticism is always welcome.

We tried to re-create Delhi Belly with limited set of skills & knowledge. Here’s what we made :