Notes from Chris Sacca/Jason This week in startup conversation.

Chris Sacca is considered as one of the best Unicorn hunters[In my observation 🙂 ]. In Investors term “Unicorn” means companies which are disruptive and have redefined the way we are using technology besides billion $$ evaluation. He has invested in over 40 companies almost every other top companies that you know or are aware of! He is currently perched on multi billion $$ funds and is busy identifying his next unicon. Some of his notable investments include Twitter, Photobucket, Instagram, Kickstarter among several others that you can aptly find on Angel List  Thanks to @jason for inviting him to his weekly show where we the audience got to learn more about Chris and his ideologies.

 You can watch the series here( note: grab a cup of coffee or beer as it is a long clip and yes Chris and Jason interactively chatted for over 2 hours)

I on the other hand, have made small notes of Chris conversation with Jason.Take a look!

  1. Firstly he says, “Respect everyone” and we all agree.
  2. Chris accurately mentions that money comes & goes, it is limited.
  3. He believes in building relationships that lasts long.
  4. Don`t be afraid to put your opinion out there, loud and clear for all to hear!
  5. You don`t have to be afraid of losing your job as you will always find a better one if you are willing to try harder.
  6. Whenever you have an idea, find someone to implement it for you
  7. He says there is too much money circulation in the market. As a result, the quality of startups emerging has increasingly deteriorated.
  8. Believe in entrepreneurs who have the zeal and passion to accomplish.
  9. He jokes that beer is good and acts as an idea propeller drawing people to open up and discuss freely. I could not have agreed better, as even in my case I have made some good friends over a pint of beer.
  10. You don’t need big college degrees or diplomas to be successful in life. I think he is referring to being just smart in the mind.
  11. To garner experiences, you may have to work at smaller companies/places to learn and get some valuable experience.
  12. Take risks calculatively but don’t ever be scared of failure.
  13. He quips that we often take ourselves too seriously and that is a result of our depreciations.

A valuable talk and interaction that has thrown some light on how to advance with startups. I agree a hundred percent with his thoughts and hope you agree!