My Take On An EMI Free Life

My good friend Sridhar and I dined out for lunch at a Mangalorean restaurant. We liked the place, the food and service was amicable. At lunch, we discussed technology, professions, family and life in general. It was a good meetup.

Today’s post is to discuss the one thing we examined closely. The topic was just  how our life is turning into a mundane, robotic machine where almost everyone is thriving on loans, paying EMI’s and surviving the luxuries of the day.

My take and the same is what I mentioned to Sridhar is that I would love to lead an EMI free life which he was quick to dispute was almost impossible in today’s day and age. He says that once you get married you have to invest in buying a house/car, take care of your kids needs along with several responsibilities and during that time money is hard to come by and so it is a wise option to take out a loan.

So here I am writing this blog challenging  myself that even when I get married I will continue to lead a loan free life, which I believe is also stress free. The purpose of this blog is to measure out if I will someday lose out on my bet. 🙂

My dear friend Sridhar, so here I am, as per our conversation, the blog post is up. It also means that the clock is ticking for me.  I will definitely need some good luck. 😀