Oli, Constitution & Indo-Nepal relationship



Nepal is still recovering from the aftermath of massive earthquake which killed over 10, 000 people and displaced millions. The rescue and aid operation in most of the affected part is still underway. At the same time the political parties in Nepal decided to pass its new constitution and it came into effect on September 20, 2015.

The constitution has failed to address every region of the country especially people from madhesh, as a result there were serious protest. These protests turned violent & over 40 protesters were killed by the security forces in retaliation.

India’s Advice

India suggested Nepal to bring every regional leader on table before passing the constitution India also suggested Nepali leaders to take some more time because of the ongoing unrest in madhesh region, which shares open boundary with India.


Social Media: As a result of this request and with social media this whole request/suggestion of India got projected as bully and young nepalis went crazy on sites like Twitter and Facebook asking India to stay out of issues in Nepal. There were hashtags like #BackoffIndia all over the internet.

Nepali Media: Various online news media, publication blamed India for shortage of fuel and other essential items. India has been supplying these to Nepal for decades[Nepal pays for it].

It should be noted, most of these same press, media ignored to acknowledge the real reason for fuel shortage being the disruption created by the protesters in madhesh region. India rejected these allegations and made it clear that there is no blockade & advised the ruling government to fix the deadloack between protesters in madhesh region.

Public Sentiments: With the help of social media, TV, press ordinary nepalis are fed enough 24*7 to believe that India is reason for all current mess not the inability of the political parties who passed the constitution without having everyone on board.

Advantage China

It should be noted that Prachanda, Koirala & Oli are key figures in Nepal’s ruling running coalition. By the time this post get published, Oli might be announced as next PM of Nepal. It is out and open that Oli is not a big admirer of India & has spoken numerous occasions about same. He is considered to be more inclined towards China like Prachanda.

Since media and people’s sentiment are already against India [at least in Kathmandu], Oli will play his chinese cards in all possible ways. [After all its a payback time for him.]

What next?

  1. India should learn from its mistake & remember that politicians are never affiliated to a particular group/section. Its all about money & timing.
  2. The propaganda local media in Nepal has created against India will affect ordinary people from both countries.
  3. The newly elected leadership will keep playing catch up to Indian counterparts. It will be test of nerves for Mr. Modi & team.
  4. China will give few billions more aid to Nepal and grab most of the reconstruction work.
  5. With the technology China has in 12–18 months they will bomb few mountains & build a trade route with Nepal. [not kidding]
  6. India might have to start fencing its border with Nepal because the madhesh protest will affect it more than Kathmandu.
  7. Madhesh leaders should unite & form a single alliance. Unity always helps and the numbers will make voice heard in Kathmandu otherwise they will remain what they are called among the elite class DHOTI.