Notes from DevopDays India

Screenshot 2015-09-18 03.39.05

Living in Bangalore has an advantage, you get to attend technology conference regularly with amazing set of speakers. Last week I attended DevOpDays India. Like every other technology event DevOp Days had amazing set of speakers, attendees & cool swags.

I made a small note on the overall event:

  1. Everyone is excited about DevOps and it’s a need of the hour.
  2. Containers are driving DevOps to new vertical.
  3. Companies are willing to try newer technology in production if it scales.
  4. Hiring is all time high in DevOps domain.
  5. Remote Infra management centric startups were all around. This is going to be biggest job provider in IT domain in coming year for us.
  6. Tools like Ansible, Salt, Docker is really hot.

Thanks to the organizers for making this event a grand success, already waiting for next year. Lastly i got chance to regroup, meet all my old buddies from open source community.