Introducing AroundStartups


I am sure you all those who follow me on various social media platforms would be aware about AroundStartups. All I wanted is to have a platform to meet & interview people from India’s startup ecosystem. These are the hardworking folks inside their organization, portfolio and overall community & always willing to help, support, mentor. The timeline page has information about upcoming guests to the podcast.

Over time there will also be some post with data driven analysis around various trends on different matrix from India’s startup ecosystem. These data will be open source & stay on Github & anyone can reuse it.

These are my friends, mentors helped me in making this possible.

  1. Alex, my boss at The New Stack has been very helpful in pushing me to podcasting world & encourage me to do this.
  2. Prashant, the wordpress developer & a smart human.
  3. Jugal, for helping me with the artwork, graphics, logo and helping with selecting background music score.
  4. Abhishek for helping with audio editing, mixing & mastering.
  5. Krishnan another very good friend, mentor of mine for connecting me to Jitesh.
  6. Ajey Gore , Sidu & Niranjan for his pep talk on one particular evening & asking me to just start it.
  7. Kamal Ravikant & James Altucher my life mentors.
  8. Last not the least to my very first guests  Brij, Sameer, Sanjay, Shandhya, Nikhil. It would have been difficult to start this without their time & faith in me.

Since it has just stated, I am not going to be perfect so all your suggestions & feedbacks will be incredible help to me which you can do via Twitter, Facebook or  The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud & also available on iTunes.