Random Thoughts: On first time founders


One advantage of living in Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India  is that you are surrounded by entrepreneurs as well as investors be it a microbrewery, cafe or restaurant.

Walk to DYU Cafe at Kormangala or Starbucks koramangala/Indiranagar or youngistaan indiranagar, you will see the action where a team is pitching to an investor or a team is working on building next million $$ startup.

I am an extrovert and like interacting, talking to people around me as a result i made small note on the matrix which can make or break your startup.

  • Team
  • Product market fit
  • Business model
  • Product pricing
  • Funding
  • Burn rate
  • Advisors

If you are a First Time Founder which 3 are the most import matrix for you?

The title has “first time founder” in it because you are most vulnerable to failure [unlike the experienced entrepreneurs ], which is not a bad thing. Its good to fail fast & move on.