Random Thoughts: On Depression


Woke up & read this r/linux thread  where Ian Murdock [Debian Linux project founder] tweets are mentioned. Ian says he is committing suicide.  I will be more than happy if these tweets turn out to be hoax or coming from someone else who gained control of his Twitter account.

This incident got me thinking about one of the biggest issue we all have gone through in our life i.e depression.  We can easily track number of well known faces we have lost because of going in depression.

These are some advice I got when I was in depression, most of these worked:

  1. Don’t just stay alone, talk to parents/friends.
  2. This will pass, its just a phase
  3. Listen to some good music
  4. Exercise & meditate
  5. Avoid alcohol & eating junk
  6. Travel, connect, eat, meet, see newer part of this world.

How did you fight with your depression & came out from it?

Update : Ian Murdock is no more.