Random thoughts: Weight loss and all.

Before you go further, this post is not about Keto diet or Crossfit.


Losing weight requires:

  1. Running daily say 1-2 km.
  2. Avoiding Sugar/Rice.
  3. Giving up on alcohol/soda.
  4. A goodnight sleep 6-8 hrs.
  5.  Eating boiled veg or sprouts post 7 pm.
  6. Having a 30 minutes light workout in gym followed by 20 mins abs exercise.
  7. Having company of fit friends who keep motivating you to stay healthy.
  8. Having more fruits & dry fruits minus cashew in daily intake.
  9. Having more faith & love for yourself than rest.

I have lost 18 kg since February following the above mentioned steps. 

Motivation: 4 people get credit for this my current boss Anand Babu    my previous boss Ajay Shah  & one of my close friends[we are no more in touch] & Razique.