Random Thoughts: On EGO


Our identity has a lot to do with what/who we are in eye of society. We create a fabric/mirror/boundary around us and respond to a situation or person depending on our Ego. [Unfortunately]

  1. He/She did not respond to my email/phone/sms/Whatsapp, I will block him/her now. [Might have been busy, can we not give some benefit of doubt?]
  2. He/She said things after getting drunk at a party which I did not like, okey not attending any party where he/she is invited. [How about talking next day when he/she is sober and sorting it out?]
  3. I know more than my teacher, he/she is just a loser knows nothing. [Yep, he/she graduated when you were crawling in your diapers. ]

Everything is about I and circling around existence of me. If it pleases me, my Ego is rising and smooth otherwise my blood pressureĀ is hitting all time high. Not sure if any of this effects person on other side of table. We create our ego & burn/frown/rot in it.