Random Thoughts: Dealing with toxic people


We are all different, each one of us think and behave differently. We have our own opinion, prejudice and priorities. ┬áIt is not necessary that we have to buy into everyone’s belief and follow it.

But at many instances you would have seen a special kind of people:

  1. Who are just negative and everything they speak or do turns out pessimistic.
  2. Who are working with you or around you to just prove their point right even if that means screwing up whole system
  3. Who think they know everything and they are the centre of universe.
  4. Who try to dictate their agenda over entire group because it will benefit them.

Possible solution:

  1. Stay away from them and their ideology.
  2. If they are part of your team avoid as much directly dealing with them.

Our life is more important than dealing with toxic people or any kind of brain fatigue.