On managing your team

Running a startup is not an easy job. You have to keep everyone happy from customer to team member. While some people fail at it others excel in building a successful company.

I recently read Inspired by Marty Cagan  and PPP was the take away for me from it.

If you will hire right set of people, it will result in building great culture which over all benefit the organization.  But as a Founder you need to constantly ask:

  1. Are you honest with your team?
  2. Are you giving them enough remuneration?
  3.  Are they equally excited with the vision?

If answer is yes, you are well on a successful path.

A lot many companies failed to attract right kind of talent and ended up shutting shop.  We humans crave for love and respect, nobody likes constant supervision or micro-management.  Define a simple process, be honest and let everyone in the team follow it. Keep in mind the empathy part, you as a founders are working with the team not sheep herding.

Last part comes Product, you as a founder needs to ask some tough questions.

  1. Are you solving a problem?
  2. If it was pitched to you, would you have bought it?
  3. Ease of using.
  4. Are you creating a new habit?

If you have answers for these, you are good to go.