Random Thoughts: What are we living for?

I am still reading J Krishnamurti discourse/book on Love and Loneliness. I will be posting notes soon, while reading though this book I had this question, “What are we living for?”

I sent a questionnaire to over 100 friends anonymously only 50 responded.  I have added graphs & code for same below.

Participant percentage.
Purpose for Living.     

Group A = [18 – 22 yr]
Group B = [23 – 25 yr]
Group C = [26 – 30 yr]
Group D = [30 – 35 yr]

I have no opinion on the participants with the response.

Code for these graphs with data and iPython Notebook can be found on: https://github.com/koolhead17/scripts/tree/001/what_are_we_living_for