Random Thoughts: living in present

I quit my  full time job in April. Over these few months I have spent good time in reading & mostly philosophy.

The common learning from it for me has been is living in this present moment.  

  1. During school days, we work hard and plan/aim for getting admission to some college, university if we fail, we become unhappy and sometimes take extreme steps.
  2. Liked someone for years but never had courage to say so and all off a sudden get to see her/his wedding pics floating on  timeline [social media]
  3. We fall in love, plan for living together entire life, things fall apart and we get depressed, stop believing in Love overall.
  4. We are so busy at work for hope of getting promotions or incentives that we keep delaying our visit to parents & all of a sudden we get to know he/she is no more.
  5. We aspire to start or venture into something but so scared of failure that even though things are rough at current workplace we have our ass hooked.
  6. We avoid talking to someone or venturing into challenge again because we failed being successful in past.

What is going on here?

  1. We are postponing our actions.
  2. We are scared of failure.
  3. We are too focussed on our future.
  4. Our prejudice got more powerful in decision making.


We are living in this society which has certain protocol & we are conditioned to follow.

  1. A society where failure is considered stigma.
  2. A society where life partners or match making is done on your height, color and physical appearance. Not what you are as an individual.
  3. A society where taking bold steps for doing things now is considered full of risk and has no support system from family or friends.
  4. A society where religion divides country & relationships among we humans.
  5. A society where you take birth, study, take job, get married, raise kids and die. Anything else makes you a misfit.
  6. A society which has taken away our power of questioning the authority or stakeholders.

THINK, if you want to remain on an autopilot of future or past biases or Live a life NOW.