Notes from reading: Why do you live With Stress by J Krishnamurti

Spent reading J Krishnamurti lecture which is converted as book title why do you live with stress. It is a very short under an hour reading.

This are some Kindle notes from the book :

  • The common factor of every human being is that they suffer: agony, despair, loneliness, unhappiness, a great deal of sorrow, fear and so on.
  • Each human being, represents the whole of mankind.
  • Until the mind is free of pressure there is no new way of living: you may join communes, start a new way of cooking and all the rest of it, but that is not freedom from pressure.
  • Knowledge is the accumulation of various experiences, various incidents, accidents, dangers, and so on, registered as memory.
  • The brain is extraordinarily old, conditioned according to its memories.
  • Our actual daily life is based on the memories of the past, our relationship with each other, man and woman, friends and so on, is based on the past.
  • All our activities, all our social, moral, religious, the gods, everything is based on thought.
  • Thought has not created nature – the mountains, the rivers, the trees, but man thinking about them makes use of them, like the chair. So thought has created the world in which we actually live.
  • Thought is the response of memory.  Without memory there is no thought. You cannot function radically, or sanely, or logically, or illogically, without thought.
  • Thought has created illusions, which are also reality.
  • Being limited, being broken up, being part of time, thought is never complete. complete order is only possible when thought has realised its limitation and therefore accepts that limitation which has its proper place.
  • We said thought is limited, broken up, part of time, which is the movement of knowledge, therefore utterly, completely limited.
  • Whatever that thought does, being limited, must be continuous disorder. That’s an absolute fact, irrevocable.
  • Thought is really the most mischievous thing in life, the greatest criminal.