Notes from reading: Why do you live With Stress by J Krishnamurti

Spent reading J Krishnamurti lecture which is converted as book title why do you live with stress. It is a very short under an hour reading. This are some Kindle notes from the book : The common factor of every human being is that they suffer: agony, despair, loneliness, unhappiness, a great deal of sorrow, […]

Notes from Reading: First & Last Freedom by J Krishnamurti

Picked First & Last freedom by J Krishnamurti 2 weeks back. The book is collection of his discourse on various topics. These are some of my simplified Kindle notes from the book: Relationship invariably results in possession, in condemnation, in self-assertive demands for security, for comfort and for gratification, and in that there is naturally […]

Notes from Reading: As One Is, To Free the Mind from All Conditioning

Spent last week reading J Krishnamurti, As one is. It is a discourse where Jiddu in his typical style takes questions and answers them. This book mostly consists of questions about conditioning, society & life. These are some of my Kindle notes from it : When the mind is free from all conditioning, then you […]

Notes from reading: On Love and Loneliness by J Krishnamurti

Continuing with my quest of reading more on J Krishnamurti  I picked up On Love and Loneliness.  It is his series of discourse recorded as a book. These are some of my kindle notes: Love comes into being when the mind is naturally quiet, not made quiet, when it sees the false as false and […]

Notes from reading: Freedom from the Known by J Krishnamurti

Continuing with my quest of reading more on J Krishnamurti  I picked up Freedom from the Known. Its a series of discourse on various aspects of life. These are some of my clipped notes from the book:  If one wants to see a thing very clearly, one’s mind must be very quiet, without all the prejudices, […]

Notes from reading: Total Freedom by J Krishnamurti

I got to know about  “J Krishnamurti” long back when my sister went to study at KFI Rajghat Besant school Banaras. But sometime back I got to know about his writing and viewpoint about life and all things Philosophy.  I am still in process of becoming a regular reader. Total Freedom has been one of […]