Random Thoughts: On rejection

It was quoted somewhere that “humans are social animal”. We live in this society constructed around us. We live happily in our tribe divided on basis of boundaries, color, race, economies Et All.

While growing up in this society construct we gave rise to  competition in all the domains from education, services to wealth. Even various nations started competing which resulted in rise of Nuclear armaments.

I have limited knowledge about many things and many aspects in life, I will be focussing on rejection in day to day basis for an individual.

We get rejection in many domains, moments and aspects in our life like a few :

  1. Applied for admission to a college: Rejected
  2. Applied for dream Job: Rejected
  3. Saw some guy/girl at bar, approached to make a conversation: Rejected
  4. Looking for potential bride/groom on matrimonial site: Rejected {Physical appearance as reason cited, more of Indian construct}
  5. Applied for funding for startup: Rejected
  6. Applied for presenting at conference: Rejected
  7. Proposed growth vision, plan to my founders from organizations growth: Rejected
  8. Applied for H1B for moving to USA: Rejected

Rejection sucks and some of us end up going in depression and taking extreme steps like committing suicide. This is one part of the story or one side of coin.

Some people get even stronger with rejections, they build a system within them to take this all as learnings. They work much harder and do things which are unachievable, these are the misfits who scares shit out of society’s caretaker.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi and his civil disobedience movement for India’s independence with Britishers.
  2. Martin Luther King and fight for equal rights for people from African origin in America.
  3. Eklayava from Mahabharat getting rejected by Drona for training in archery and making it big by himself.
  4. Sylvester Stallone’s rejection again and again for his movie script Rockey.
  5. Elon Musk after going bankrupt and facing all kind of media trials on Tesla

What made them do it the impossible? What can we learn from them?

In my limited knowledge, all of them were/are self driven and gritty. They must have built a system over period of time while failing again and again.

What do you folks think? Have you ever asked from your inner self these questions? 🙂