Random Thoughts: Few Such Friends

Everything in life is temporary and as we grow older we tend to realize this even more. The school friend of mine whose lunch box used to be opened by all of us soon after he entered our class has disappeared,  I don’t even know if he is alive.

I am 32 now and as I moved out of my hometown for higher studies & later for work {stayed in 4-5 cities so far & don’t ask me about number of jobs I switched}.  I kept meeting new people and made new friends too. I don’t know how many friends I have, it is hard to count honestly. But one thing I am totally aware of is that I have few close friends..  They’re as close to me as I am close to them. They are the ones who never judge me for what I am. I don’t have to dress up or down  because neither will be a turnoff for them. These friends know all my secrets {not all of them good}. They will be the ones who will attend my funeral {If I happen to die before them 😀 }

I feel lucky & blessed to have such friends. I can count them on my fingers.

How many such friends do you have?