Random Thoughts: On Death

Death is the reality of life and most of us are scared about it. We try accumulating so much of wealth & enormous materialistic possessions. I have no clue if the kings/queens/riches of mummified world are using them after death. I’ve been told that most of the wealth left behind by the wealthy nobility and royals was plundered by thugs.

We tend to postpone most of what we like because we are so busy preparing for our future.

Asking some questions might help:

  1. When was the last time you took vacation for yourself?

       2. Said everything to everyone you wanted to without worrying what will be the reaction or after effect?

Life is short, living it moment by moment with peace is what it needs not materialistic possessions or chasing timelines.

I know most of these things sounds absurd, but ask yourself are you living life to fullest at each moment & if you die now will it be without a single regret?