Random Thoughts: Other’s mind

What is going on the other side? The mind of people around you? Are we able to get the other side of story?

We have our own predefined construct about some person or situation and if the result is favorable we are happy else we are in pain.

It is not easy to read others mind, but if we are aware and observe closely it might throw some surprises.

Imagine you are dating someone or in middle of signing a business deal. After rounds of meeting, email exchange or chat exchanges other side disappears or things get cold.

Let us say things  get back on track and every dispute resolved. Now the frequent replies, responses just turns into bare formality. The meeting, dinner which was full of conversation turns into awkward silence and constant glue to your cell phones. Everything becomes boring.

But, what can be done?

In my opinion having a honest conversation helps rather than dragging on . The game of guessing does no good to either side.

How many of us have courage to speak up the truth and settle is for rest? Unfortunately it is not for most of us because:

  1. We are scared of losing out on the benefits of the relationship.
  2. We are scared of hurting the other side.
  3. We are optimist & the hope of things might work out in future keeps it going.

I am still not sure what world we are living and level of gratification we are aiming for.

What do you think?