Looking back at 2017

Pheww. 2017 is almost gone, what a fantastic year this has been so far.  

The year went by like a joyride with it’s own share of happiness, pain, losses and learnings. The best part of it all is that am still breathing and all of my body parts are working alright. In short, everything has been fantastic.

I am going to write some of my learnings for 2017 :

  1. Reading helps, it gives better picture and dimensions about every realm of life.
  2. Helping others without expecting anything in return is a wonderful act.
  3. Exercise, meditation are some great virtues and should be added in our daily routine like breathing or taking a leak.
  4. What we eat plays a good role in our overall well being, mental and physical.
  5. Social media is new drug and selling platforms are making billions out of it.
  6. Being aware about our actions can do wonders.
  7. Never do business negotiations especially related to payments over phone, most of the time it will have bad outcome for both side.
  8. When angry, switch off cellphone or disconnect from internet. It will help in getting back to situation in more rational way.
  9. You will be fooled by people around, they will take money, they will disappear. All you could do is to forgive or improve decision making technique.
  10. Things will always fuck up and never happen the way we assume. It is good to have a backup plan.
  11. Depression is a disease caused more because of the society construct.
  12. Life is too short & death is reality. We can do best to live in present learning from the failures of past and hoping for better future.
  13. Lucky are those who get mentors in every realm of life, being honest, trustworthy and empathetic with mentor helps.
  14. Spending time with family and parents should get equal importance to daily work.
  15. Working with people you like and respect increases chances of overall success.
  16. Being honest with team, organization and members adds more organizational positivity and overall team performance.
  17. Everyone should fall in Love at least once[for unlucky ones, keep trying].
  18. People will walk in our life and will disappear with or without a reason, we should accept the reality and move on.
  19. Our thoughts and mind plays biggest role in making us belive what we want to belive.
  20. With patience, perseverance and persistence attaining a goal becomes much easier.
  21. Believing in what they say on TV or what your parents have made you belive is not always true.
  22. Little act of kindness has great reward in itself.
  23. Nobody has rights to tell us what we are not capable of or cannot do. We as individual are masters of our own destiny.
  24. Giving importance to those who regard our time and are honest to us helps and keeps insanity in check.

Would love to know what all you readers have learnt from 2017.

In the end wishing you all a prosperous new year ahead, be good. Cheers!!