Notes from reading: Tribes by Seth Godin

I am a regular reader of Seth Godin blog, he is one of the best gurus on of brand building marketing. Being developer evangelist in my past job, I felt like reading this book.

Seth writes in details about building a community of like minded people who are self motivated and can go to any length in making vision of organization, group or  Tribe a success. He also mentions about leadership quality and how in fast pace innovating world an individual or an organization has to keep moving. He cites various examples from successful organizations to CEO’s on how they let innovation going and fueled the sense of leadership among the members of team.

I have this simple 4 take away from this book:

  1. Tribe: A small group of people who believes in vision of an organization or team and under a leader can go at any length to make task success.
  2. Heretics: An individual who is always up for taking challenge and not following an existing check list. Managers don’t like these kinds of employees or members. These are the kinds of people who do not belive in a system but going step further and getting better results.
  3. Sheepwalking: An organization where there exists a template of tasks and employees needs to strictly stick to it. An employee just has to work on the timings and do as asked, no need to use brain for anything else. Managers love these kinds of employee because they are mere robots taking decisions and working on it.
  4. Faith: As a stakeholder, leader of an organization it is extremely important to have faith. This faith will drive innovation and taking challenges. Most of us are scared of failing and hence die without trying, having a faith on self that things will go well help.

If you are a leader, CEO, founder it will be great to have vision and hiring motivations in place, like what kind of employees you want Heretics or Sheepwalkers.

In case you are building an army of sleepwalkers, disruption will bite you soon. If you are hiring heretics they will be pain for managers because of  the unconventional ways to doing tasks but at same time they will go out of the way and get SHIT done in more efficient and better manner.