Random Thoughts: Why are we scared of losing?

Human mind is a monkey mind  as Naval says.

We are constantly worried about our future and  work hard towards making it better.  At times we get so busy in it that we forget about living in this very beautiful moment, the present which is constantly passing.

At the same time we start overthinking and end up becoming more scared.

  • losing job
  • losing our power,  influence
  • losing what we own right now
  • losing reputation
  • losing all the money
  • losing this big house, car, club membership
  • losing wife, Gf, friends
  • losing this position of CEO, CTO, CFO et all of the company

Why are we scared of losing at very first place knowing that most of these things are temporary. We have limited control over it.

In the end we are all alone, the things which we have control over is our ego and consciousness. We don’t have control over our body nor our mind and millions of thoughts it encircles.

Things which can make us better are :

  • Our  right set of virtues [1]
  • Understanding how to respond to a situation with right actions [2]
  • Having a known set of principles [3]

And last but not the least, living life moment by moment and living in present.