Random Thoughts: On Religion

Right after birth, society mask comes to you in various forms :

  • name
  • race
  • religion
  • caste
  • sub-caste
  • middle class, upper class or poor

I will focus on Religion on this post.

I have friends who never miss going to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday for prayers, also some who visits mosque on Friday along with others visiting church on Sunday.

You are visiting to these places, shrines in hope of your wish getting fulfilled and then once you are out you meet real people who are poor and asking for money or prasad{sweets}. In the end both of you are asking for something.

It is good to be god fearing, but who is this god and where is he/she? 

  • If your heart is not clean.
  • If you are not taking care of people you live with or circle around you.
  • If u r not empathic with your environment.

What is the purpose of these Sunday prayers, Tuesday prayers or Friday prayers. Are these not worthless?

We have been conditioned for centuries by these so called religious leaders to fight for religion, create divisions and kill millions of poor humans.

Which god or religion has told us to kill, convert or conquer civilization for religion?

Every now and then a mosque gets burnt or church gets hit by mob or temple walls are broken. Why is this happening?

Who is making most out of it?

Is it not these religious leaders or politicians by dividing and polarizing us in name of religion, caste, Shia-Sunni?

In Hindu religion women  are considered as avatars of Durga, Kali, Shakti at same time we are witnessing cases of molestation and rape incidents in India. What kind of duality is this?

God is inside you, inside your heart. Keep an open, honest heart think through and that god. Not the one created by society or by so called religious leaders who are part mess. Being true to self is being in temple. If god was asking for donation, who would have paid them. If god was going to eat all those sweets in temple, who would have offered it?