The ice cream chronicle #1

After over a month I headed to Polar Bear for an ice cream. I was not craving for it but went because during the day I was served with shit load of sugar in my lunch. I thought why not make it a cheat day.

I have this tight cheat day eating policy, If I have to eat Biryani or Ice Cream I should walk and buy it myself.

I had 4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream (I think it was inhuman quantity). I was aware that this will not end well & I woke to and am feeling :

  1. full
  2. lazy
  3. boils on my face

I wonder If this side effect of eating Ice Cream is only on me or our entire generation gets effected. Anyways am feeling kind of Sugar high.

18 months back like most humans I too had a life where Friday meant going to Jimmy’s and gulping few ltr of beerĀ  over rock music. After leaving bones out of the chicken wings, mostly we would march to corner house. I always had some space and motivation for finishing Death by Chocolate.

Things have changed since then, maybe I am getting old or have started observing myself more. Is it good or bad, I have no clue. All I know is that this moment is amazing & am on a joyride without alcohol & regular consumption of Ice Cream.