Notes from Reading: Enchiridion by Epictetus

Epictetus was one of the famous stoic philosopher. He was born as a slave in current day Turkey. He spent most part of his life in Rome and then later moved to Greece. Enchiridion is modern day notes, so this essentially are contents of Epictetus notebook.

These are some of my Kindle notes:

  1. Men are disturbed not by the things which happen, but by the opinions about the things.
  2. Be not elated at any advantage (excellence), which belongs to another.
  3. Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life.
  4. For it is better to die of hunger and so to be released from grief and fear than to live in abundance with perturbation; and it is better for your slave to be bad than for you to be unhappy.
  5. Do not send your desire forward to it, but wait till it is opposite to you.
  6. A free man: and there is only one way to this, to despise (care not for) the things which are not in our power.
  7. You must do everything according to rule, eat according to strict orders; abstain from delicacies; exercise yourself as you are bid at appointed times, in heat, in cold; you must not drink cold water, nor wine as you choose.
  8. For another will not damage you, unless you choose: but you will be damaged then when you shall think that you are damaged.
  9. When you do not obtain what you wish, and when you fall into those things which you do not wish, you will find fault and hate those who are the cause of them.
  10. Let silence be the general rule, or let only what is necessary be said, and in few words.
  11. The measure of possession (property) is to every man the body, as the foot is of the shoe.
  12. If you choose, you are free; if you choose, you need blame no man—accuse no man. All things will be at once according to your mind and according to the Mind of God.
  13. You know yourself what you are worth in your own eyes; and at what price you will sell yourself.