Random Thoughts: Living in a Matchbox



  • You are son of a servant, you have to end up doing same like your father.
  • We bought you for few $$ and you will end up working in our sugarcane, corn fields.
  • I want my son to be a cricketer more famous then myself.
  • Since this was never tried it before, you better not think about it.
  • Speaking against them will get you killed, this is stupid not nationalism.
  • Sons and Daughters in our family get married in 20’s.
  • Don’t take arts, there is no future in it.

The mentality forced upon us with external conditions and forces makes us go do things as intended. In other words, live a life and die inside it with this boundary created by some ruler, family member, religion ETC.

Those religious texts, those rules of lives or those traditions forced on us are coming from people of yesterday’s who wanted comfort.

Modern World:

  • Everyone has to study to be successful
  • Everyone has to compete
  • Everyone has to settle down
  • Everyone has to run after check list
  • Everyone has to end up being a ROBOT