Notes from reading: The book of man by Osho

I was advised to read The Book Of Man, Osho by Naval.

I grew up with prejudice and bias that Osho is a Sex guru, one who only talks about sexual pleasures. He is destroying our society and playing with our innocent mind by adding all kind of poison. I should totally avoid reading Osho. I worked in Pune for sometime city Osho has some ashram(meditation centre), our friends joked saying  this is the place where people losing out on sex come to learn few tricks aka tantras mostly from outside India. Those foreigners are crazy people and belive in doing all shorts of crazy experiments, even people as old as 60 years come to recreation. 

This book is a collection of his thoughts on various topics from love, marriage, relationship, society. Reading this book was similar to reading J Krishnamurti teachings with minor difference :

  • According to Jiddu, Sex is just a biological need and nothing more than that. Why do we have to give so much importance to it?
  • Osho argues since we have always been repressed talking about Sex or practicing the same our mind is stuck with it being something we have totally missed out on. Hence we should experince and give a lot of importance to it.

Other than that, the common pattern in Osho teaching emerges with Jiddu’s :

  • We are all conditioned by society
  • Capitalism is making us more like robot and we are becoming more dumb and depressed.
  • We are all focussing on materialism more and stopped self thinking.
  • All religion are nothing but Sham, making us fight & dividing humanity
  • Happiness and purpose of life should be living moment to moment.
  • Believing in forgiveness and being more empathetic
  • Seeing all in the universe as one entity, which is part of you.
  • Forgetting about whatever good or bad happened in past and not having an urge or craving for future.
  • Being more aware about self and watching and observing self.