We are all Epicurus

Epicurus was Greek philosopher and founder of school of philosophy named Epicureanism. Centre of his Philosophy revolved around pleasure.

According to Epicurus: “Pleasure is the beginning and the goal of a happy life”

The school of philosophy aka Epicureanism was started on donation from wealthy people because they resonated with it. He spent all the money in setting up the school to promote happiness.

It was one of the first school which was co-ed, male and females both admitted and encouraged to  live and study pleasure.

Spreading rumors were part of our older society as well and regular leaks were common, some related to stories around sexual encounters and others on the day to day functioning of the institute.

Despite all this Epicurus popularity and teaching only grew more.

Two key questions that was asked or enquired were:

  1. What will make me happy?
  2. What will make me healthy?

It should not come as a surprise to us but Epicurus belief had significant inspiration from Socrates.

Once Epicurus asked his friend “Send me a pot of Cheese, so that i may have a feast whenever i like.”  Isn’t it surprising, a teacher of pleasure having such simple eating habit?

Epicurus observed that pleasure has few simple ingredients:


Epicurus observed that centre of happiness is having company of great friends. He once said “Feeding without friend is the life of LION or a WOLF.

Later in his life, he moved on the outskirts  of Athens bought a big house and stayed rest of his life there with company of his close friends.

  • True friends are like parents, who are not going to judge you on who and how you look but be there for you as who u are.
  • Having true friends worth more than fortune.


We must have freedom to choose course of our life. We don’t have to work or listen to people whom we don’t like.


Our thoughts defines and brings misery or pleasure to us. Keeping a rational and self analyzed view will be a good way to get over the anxiety about money, wealth and other things.


Beyond food, shelter and cloths [roti, kapra and makaan], one does not require any worldly wealth to attain happiness.

I sometimes wonder, how Epicurus would have acted or his teaching would have changed in our current world. The world where we are running for:

  • Social media popularity.
  • Car, vacation, long drive and weekend gateways


  • We have more followers on Instagram/Twitter than friends talk to in real life.
  • We spend more on pets and they value more than friends (Am sure PETA folks will disagree to this)
  • We are more worried about next switch than current job in hand.

Reference: The Consolations of Philosophy