Random Thoughts: On my procrastination

Last year around October, Anurag wrote a post on procrastination and it hit my head like one hits nail with hammer.  In his post, he has covered every part of procrastination in details, go ahead and read it.

This post is about my procrastination habit and how it has screwed most part of me. I realized i was suffering from this disease from early days of my life and I think I am not the only one.

And it took me sometime to realize what is going on here. There were some action items or things i so desperately wanted to learn and add to my life, aka exercise, eating well but nothing was really happening.

Some of my tasks/learning/habits i been procrastination all this while included:

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Hitting gym
  3. De-addiction from social media porn
  4. Reading more and more
  5. Drawing like the one I have added in the blog (I killed this one today, before writing this post 🙂 )

Our brain is stupid, it only works when we offer it some kind of incentives or rewards. It is like a dog  waiting for bone to wag his tail.  I have my own little reward system and It has been working so far good, things are going on it positive direction. I am able to understand I am procrastinating & need to take care of my monkey mind (In words of Naval)

There is another interesting TED talk by Tim Ubran, guy behind https://waitbutwhy.com/.

I think reading Stoics have made some impact on me  and made me realize life is too short to leave things for tomorrow.