Random Thoughts: clinging to the past

Why as a humans it is so difficult to let things go?

Why can’t we not move on from past, our mistakes, relationships and all that we did which made us weak or smarter?

Our human mind is like a google drive, all it does is stores and stores our experiences. I am not sure if one mind storage of past experiences will fit in Gb/Tb/ or Zb.

One thing which i have learnt is that if we cling to our past, miss it or overthink about it our present will definitely get screwed up.

I understand everyone keeps saying move on but in reality most of us never move on. The side effect of it is we are unhappy in our present life, could that be because our present is worst than our past or because we are comparing with what we had in past to what we have now.

Stoics, Philosophers and wandering monks  have been spreading the word that human beings misery is directly related to comparison among self or with our past life. Most of them died saying, writing, evangelizing it. But did it has any affect on us? I doubt if it did, because antidepressant sale is on rise across world, more people are reporting mental illness.

But what could we do?

I don’t know, after all i have not reached that stoics, nirvana stage yet. 🙂    

Small thing like being aware of present and living life moment to moment as per Krishnamurti has bought some peace to me for sure.